Airbnb for sailing holidays

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Cool idea! Would be worried of being put on a boat with people I didn't like and then I'd be completely stuck with them for days or have to swim for miles haha Seems there are quite a few startups in this space... I wonder if one will be the giant or wether each could tackle micro-segments
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@bentossell Yeah, this is a pretty rad idea. I have yet to see anything like this in Asia
@bentossell Hi Ben! It’s a very good idea indeed! It was conceived by the passion of its founders who took the plunge and decided to ride the wave of the sharing economy. Your worries are common: on a sailing boat you will probably have understood how a person is like after few days spent together. This leads to get to know the good and bad side of your sail mates, but I assure you that a sailing boat has seen the birth if many new friendships. Just few people couldn’t fit, maybe because they were not that sociable :-D If you’re not convinced yet, remember that the real social glue of the experience is the skipper, who treats the boat as home and makes the others feel like old friends dropping in, as well as sharing his/her passion for sailing. The fear of spending time with new people that you might not like is not the only cliché related to sailing holidays. For example, it’s common to hear that sailing experiences are only for well-off people or professional sailors. Totally wrong! Prices are suited for all pockets and for all tastes: there may be someone just wanting to bask in the sun, or others willing to try the manoeuvres. In fact, thousands of travelers have already enjoyed a holiday with Sailsquare and more than 60% of them were at their first experience, and their (public) feedbacks were definitely positive! Since some months we have noticed a growth of startup companies in this field too (we are active since 2014!) and we feel it is something positive in a certain way, because this denotes a market expanding faster and faster… now, we just need to keep being the best in this field ;-)
Yes! thank you! I've been waiting for this for a long time! Sail Away!!!
In spain we have since long time
@deambulando Hi Chema, Nautal is an interesting project indeed, but a bit different from Sailsquare. In fact, Sailsquare allows people to get on board by themselves without the need to rent the whole boat and form a crew. PLUS, those who get on board with Sailsquare will join a one-of-a-kind experience on the boat belonging to a private skipper. Sailsquare is a marketplace where boat owners meet people who want to enjoy a sailing holiday, meet new friends and live something off the beaten track :-)
Very nice idea and very well designed and implemented