Aggregating remote working jobs using AI

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Hi Product Hunters! I am the founder and the developer of Sagfi. I had explored a lot of job boards and aggregators while I was searching for a job. I discovered that they only difference between them is solely in the elements of design. Therefore, I built this project. Sagfi significantly differs from other job boards. Firstly, it has elements of gamification (right now there are only a few, but there will be more in the future). Secondly, Sagfi is much smarter thanks to AI. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to detect the most important aspects from the text of a job. In the near future, the algorithm will be updated and improved. Future plans for the project are: The smart system for searching for the right jobs by default Search by a tag, keyword and text Improve algorithms Open JSON API More job sources I would love to chat about this, and any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.
@sihaelov Im going to give my opinion on university/job stuff (I know you didn't ask haha) Yes its true you can just skip university and learn on the internet almost anything you want. But its also true that you can build something while at university. My time at university was invaluable, not because of what I learnt (because I rarely went to class), but more the growing up/life lessons/friends etc Before uni I thought I could take on the world but looking back now I know I was far from ready to do much. I learnt some valuable lessons in uni while trying to start a business myself. Going to university is really fun and you meet people who are often going to be friends for life. You've got plenty of years ahead of you to get a job, work at a startup or whatever else - staying a few years in uni will not ruin that. Like I said, there is no reason why you cant build and maintain your own projects while in university so why not give that a go too? This is all completely my opinion and lots of people will likely agree AND disagree with me. I just wanted to put this out there.
@sihaelov Hey Michael! Loved the overall clean UI and Trello kind dashboard for application status. Just curious to know about the a) gamification layer (where does it fit in), b) AI (couldn't see soemthing based on it) c) currently only stackoverflow is the source of these jobs right? Any plan to add more sources?
Where does the AI come into play? And why does login need to be via Twitter - does that link with the platform in some way?
Very simple yet functional.