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Saga is a platform that allows you to add stories (a la Snapchat) to your own platform or website.

Hey again, Product Hunt! Super excited to be here. This is the second product we are launching here. And the last one? The last one did so well, (we won with 900 upvotes :blush:) I was astounded by the power of this community and how much traffic it drives. Our new product, Saga, is here to adapt the format we all use and love, the "story", and take it outside of just Snapchat and Instagram. It's an engaging format, so why not let publishers bring content to their readers by using this familiar format on their own sites as well, we thought! That's how Saga was born. It's a platform that allows people to add stories to their sites/publications with a simple, one-time embed or SDK code. Journalists will now be able to upload their first-hand testimony of an event live. All they have to do is film or photograph the event from their personal smartphone and send it directly to the publisher's site using Saga's easy app. The audience can then view the Story on the publication's site/app with the same familiar user experience as that of Stories on social media (but our Saga stories don't have to disappear after 24 hours). We plan to monetize through an advertising rev share with the publishers and with a SaaS license option. Our Story format looks amazing but I am definitely biased. I would love to hear your thoughts. We have worked on this for months and couldn't be more excited to launch it today. I could not think or ask for a better place to launch it than Product Hunt!! Love this community. Thanks for all your support!
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This looks awesome, guys! Great to see some killer storytelling tools emerging from Jerusalem!
This makes so much sense for publishers! Well done.
@starkupnation Thanks David, really appreciate your feedback!
I know these guys. They are great executors. The product looks great and I'll be sure to tell all my publisher friends about it. Great job!