Facebook Safety Check

Connect with friends and loved ones during a disaster

#4 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2014
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With over 650M DAU's on mobile, they're one of the few companies that can make a meaningful impact on day 1. Awesome to see Facebook invest in something that doesn't have direct monetary ROI (afaik). Cynics will say they're doing it for goodwill and branding but even if that's the primary motivation, let's appreciate it exists.
Facebook does seem like the perfect place for a product like this to exist
Interesting that Facebook decided to not include something to notify that you aren't OK. 1 tap could notify distress as well as provide a quick location post of your location.
Data coverage is usually not available or overwhelmed in these scenarios. I think it would be more reliable for FB to send an SMS to the phone number you (may have) given them, where you could respond quickly with a Y or N, to conserve valuable cell tower resources in the area impacted.
This is great, before clicking through (and not knowing this was a FB product) I was thinking, "well I would probably use Facebook to reach out"