Safest Time To Go

The safest time to go to essential businesses near you.

Safest Time To Go finds essential businesses near you and the safest time to go to them.
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Hey hunters! I made Safest Time To Go because during these crazy times I found myself trying to find the least busy times to go to the grocery store, pharmacy and other businesses. So to make it easy to find the safest time I made this! All feedback is appreciated! Stay safe.
@stowe_boyd it's back up. Just got on
This is a fantastic idea. I was super excited to try it, but it's throwing errors at the get started button
@rj_buchanan1 I'm trying to mimic the issue but it keeps working fine for me.
great idea, only question, why no input for immunocompromised hours? There's a lot of inaccurate safe times due to that.
@kreevers I figured the safest time for people with compromised immune systems would be the time listed. These are the least busy times of the day.
@jerome_gaston agreed, but it also confuses those without them and could increase the compromised's risk since there's nothing there that indicates so.
@kreevers good point. I'll have to add something. Thanks👍
Getting a PHP error, but I'm sure you're probably aware. Happens when I try to search for a zip instead of allowing access to my location.
@jeremyblalock I'm trying to recreate that error but can't get it to happen. So you were asked to share your location you said no then typed in your zip and got an error after clicking the button?
@jeremyblalock fixed that issue