Safely receive files only you can open. πŸ”‘πŸ“„

SafeRequest allows you to securely request files from others. Instead of sharing a public link to download files, you share a link to a personal upload page. Files are end-to-end encrypted meaning only you can open them.
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It's simplicity is awesome and it's very privacy friendly!
Love this idea! Nice!
Hi all! πŸ‘‹ This is our first product on PH and we are really excited to show it to you! As a tech agency, we often have to request files from clients, sometimes containing privacy sensitive information. We switched from e-mail to Firefox Send ourselves already a while ago, but always had to convince our clients to use Send to deliver files instead of sending sensitive data via e-mail. Furthermore, the link generated with Send can be distributed a little bit too easy meaning sensitive data can still leak. That's how we came up with the idea for SafeRequest. We can now easily specify which files we need from our client and they can use the super simple (branded!) upload page to deliver the files. SafeRequest makes use of end-to-end encryption (using a combination of AES and RSA) so all files are safe and can only be opened by the requestor. We hope you like SafeRequest and we appreciate all feedback you have!
Nice @rutger_bresjer & @sebastiaands, congrats on your launch. You guys took feedback very well and improved the app a lot since I first saw it. Great work and hopefully a great launch. Enjoy the ride!
Great tool! Definitely fills a gap in the market!