Providing a safe night to domestic violence survivors


​​You can help a survivor of domestic violence or human trafficking. When shelters are full, staff may temporarily place survivors at secure hotel locations until safe, longer-term shelter is found. Using the SafeNight mobile app, you can make tax-deductible donations that pay for that safe shelter.

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Taylor Kimiko
  • Taylor Kimiko
    Taylor KimikoOffice Manager/Blogger

    Helps get funds directly where they need to be when they need to be there


    Needs more affiliation with credible organizations

    I think this concept is a very powerful one - with the push of a button, you can help shelters and organizations care for more victims than they could alone. I think one drawback is that many people have a really poor understanding of what happens when a domestic violence victim decides to leave their situation, and they may not understand how one night can make all the difference.

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