Safely Deposit

Safe deposit as a service for documents

Safely Deposit provides on-demand safe deposit boxes for physical papers, like estate documents and wills. You mail documents in via FedEx, they store the physical copy in a safe deposit box and provide access to digital copies. The service costs $120/year.
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Hi PH 👋 Thanks @katmanalac for hunting! We're Roland and Jason, founders of Safely Deposit. We built Safely Deposit because it's **really hard** to find a safe deposit box. Few banks have available boxes and rarely do vacancies match the size a customer needs. Take Jason for example. He wanted to store a copy of his will and banks turned him away branch after branch. So, we created an on-demand safe deposit service. A service where you never waste time at a branch and never worry about available box sizes. To start, we're helping customers store documents and small items. Why? Few people have heirloom watches or gold bars. Many people have estate plans, wills, birth certificates, password backups on flash drives, etc. We're working hard to improve the service every day. Today, our customers enjoy... ✅ On-demand storage from home/business to vault ✅ Transfer of ownership to beneficiaries in case of emergency or death ✅ Trusted couriers and prepaid FedEx Express with secure packaging ✅ A checklist of life's important documents to get started In the near future, we're rolling out features to better accommodate storage from estate planning services and to allow direct digital storage, too. We’d love to hear about any ideas, experiences, and feedback you might have. 🙏
I was looking for something like this after getting a will from Trust & Will - then saw these guys launch from YC. I was shocked that i couldn’t find anything like it before this. digital nomads etc won’t have a safe physical space to store important documents like wills. so need this
Was unable to find a safe deposit box at a bank and didn’t want to take up the space for a home safe. Safely Deposit has allowed me to store important documents without any hassle
Great service at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it.
Very reasonable, and something banks don't seem to be doing anymore.