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SafeDrive is an app that rewards drivers for not using their smartphones when driving. A points-based reward system allows users to redeem points with SafeDrive's partners (such as Uber, Kiip.com and local gas stations). Kudos to these guys for trying to solve a dramatic problem: distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America's roadways. In the US only, each day, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in car crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.
@robertoscaccia Thanks for the hunt, our app wants to put an end to this global problem. The roads are getting larger, cars are cheaper, and smartphones are more intrusive in our lives. The perfect combination for distracted driving accidents. We took a different approach, by rewarding our users with points that can be traded (as a virtual currency) on discount vouchers from partners. The result is drivers get safely home, and have commercial benefits, partners have sales and CSR marketing, and society has safer roads. We’ve started in Europe, where we validated that giving points is significantly improving the drivers behavior. We're launching in US right now, so if any of the Product Hunters know companies interested in such an app, please help us getting in contact with them (email me at tudor@getsafedrive.com). We love to hear your opinion, become a SafeDriver now and send us your feedback.
I love this idea!
@vincenzor Thanks a lot for appreciating the idea ;) Would love to hear your feedback on how the app works, and if it really makes you keep both hands on the wheel.
@tudorcobalas @vincenzor I just tried your app but nothing is logged (I did a 3KM drive).
@vincenzor We are not login the distance, but points. You need to drive with the app on (please check the tutorial section) and at the end of the trip (or when your speed is under 6 mph) you will have the option to save the points. Let me know if it works!
@tudorcobalas @vincenzor That's what I did. I installed the app then I rode 3KM and I have 0 points
@vincenzor Please drive a little more than 3 km, our algorithm is not taking into account only the distance, but also speed and time. It might have been the case that you have driven enough to get at least a point, but possible under the speed. Could you give it a try again, this time longer and with a speed above 6 mph / 10 km/h? Much appreciated!
Love it. Everyone should download this!
@zacherynielson I second that. It is shocking that each day an average of 3 people are injured in car crashes because of distracted driving.
@zacherynielson Thanks for saying this. As many drivers are joining the community, there will safer roads.
It's very useful for saving lives, especially youths' who love to chat while driving! Great job!
@karina_nexticy Thanks for that, it is not only youths, it also grown ups. One of our user said "your app makes me conscious of the risk, so when I really need to answer or text, I just pull over".
Congrats Tudor. Really excited for you guys
@rehman_a Thanks a lot for liking what we do. It is indeed excited!