Send a live video feed and location to your loved ones

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Hey All - thanks for checking out Safecaster. 2 weeks ago, myself, Ben and greg got together and discussed what we could do to help with these huge issues of frayed trust in our communities. We have developed Safecaster specifically to help defuse the current atmosphere of many law enforcement based exchanges. The app serves as a bridge for both sides to demonstrate their desire to cooperate and act constructively to save lives. Safecaster could also be used in other, non law enforcement situations where an individual feels threatened (for example, someone walking home alone late at night). Here’s how it works: If you are stopped, you tap the Safecaster icon on your phone. Safecaster automatically starts recording and also streams a live feed to two trusted friends or loved ones that you’ve previously added. There is no recording on your device. Soon, Safecaster driver’s side window stickers will apprise the officer involved that the driver is someone who wants to ensure their interactions with the police are safe for all involved. Many police officers have dash and body cams filming all stops, but these do not provide the buy-in, real-time nature and participation from the person being stopped. When a person being stopped affirmatively says (by activating Safecaster), “I have nothing to hide and, in fact, I am willing to record and share my response to the police officer with law enforcement directly," they signal intent to participate in a violence-free exchange with the police officer and to move on. We wish Safecasting weren't necessary, but while we change hearts and minds, let's still save lives ... if it can save even one life, we believe it is worth it!