Safe Dining in NYC

Real-time restaurant map with inspection reports by cuisine

I lived in NYC two summers ago. It's much easier to choose between two restaurants when you know their inspection grade.
TIL restaurant inspection grades are deceiving 😷
@jackdweck haha seriously! I might have to start bringing lunch to work.
Wondering if this is something of a solution in search of a problem. Lived in NYC for eight years and this problem never really arose for me. But different strokes etc good luck!
a little of topic... There's a pizza place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that use to have a cat to keep the rats away. One night they accidentally left the downstairs locked in storage room and the next morning the cat was a skeleton. I know this because my current gf use to work there when the incident happen. Believe it or not, the pizza place is still open. If I am not mistaken I think they have a "B" rating, so I def see the value in this service.