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Really stoked for the team over at @Safari. Would love @gunzalis & @andrewsavikas to jump in here and talk about the new product direction and the type of startups that use the service currently. I see Amazon & Google currently use the platform. Do they use for professional development solely?
Thanks! Lots of companies (big and small) are using Safari. Tesla, FireEye, Rackspace, and Teradata to name a few. Most of our customers do not consume our books or video courses linearly, start-to-finish. They are often looking for specific answers to problems — sometimes in code, but also in tactical situations. One of our most popular titles during the typical annual review period was a book on writing good performance evaluations. This is probably not a book a manager would purchase in advance, but one that’s immensely helpful when you’ve got 20 reviews to write and only a day to do it. We’ve also been thinking a lot about the idea that any page in our titles is a potential “first page” — I may find what I’m looking for in chapter 4, and then find the overall topic compelling enough to go back to page 1 and start from there.
@andrewsavikas Is most of the consumption mobile at this point?
@BlendahTom Not quite, we're still a service that most people use while they're working. That said, we see spikes on mobile during the morning and evening commutes, and we see quite a bit of mobile usage on the weekends, especially video courses and conference sessions watched on tablets. We also know a lot of people turn on conference sessions in the background almost like audio books.
@andrewsavikas Gotcha .. so do companies usually setup accounts first or are individuals inside companies using the product first then getting company wide adoption later?
@BlendahTom It's a mix. We do get a lot of organic support from individuals and small teams within a company, where there may be pockets of 2 or 5 or 10 people among different offices or teams, and we can then go to the org and work on rolling that up into a single larger account they can manage and report on centrally. We also do get a lot of inquiries straight from a CLO or an HR manager asking for 500 or 1,000 seats for a larger company. We also end up "following" a lot of people when they change jobs and Safari isn't available at their new employer, they'll ask for it.
Considering that Safari is much more than ebooks now, it makes sense to change the descripton a bit