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Matt Geller
@matthewgellerod · CovalentCareers,Inc.
Just some helpful feedback. I can tell you put lots of effort into your landing page, but it doesn't communicate your product well. It helps me understand a bit of your philosophy, but it doesn't help me to see if this product is for me. I only say so because my team and I struggle with this as well, and still haven't done the best job. Best of luck on the p… See more
Stephen Levin
@smlevin11 · Founder, Think Analytically
Early user of the app and button - The Saent team rocks!
Anthony Stylianou
@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
struggling to understand how this works. In simple terms do you get pop ups nudging you to do something more productive?
Paul Kemp
@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
I've been following the @getsaent journey for over a year since first chatting w. @timmetz . It's good to see the team are still passionately pursuing their mission to help us all be more productive. We certainly need it now - more than ever!
Leo Daniel
Having issues with the download link when submitting my info. Do you have a direct download?