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Just some helpful feedback. I can tell you put lots of effort into your landing page, but it doesn't communicate your product well. It helps me understand a bit of your philosophy, but it doesn't help me to see if this product is for me. I only say so because my team and I struggle with this as well, and still haven't done the best job. Best of luck on the product.
@matthewgellerod Thanks, Matt! Very helpful. Can I ask are you referring to the download page (the one linked here): OR to the main Saent page (, which is mostly about our companion hardware device? I ask because the download page has actually converted really well for us so far (25-30% for most traffic sources, even relatively untargeted ones), but the hardware page has worked much less well (and thus we're planning a redesign for it next year and some minor tweaks in the mean time). Would love to hear and specific thoughts you might have about what we can do better! :)
Early user of the app and button - The Saent team rocks!
struggling to understand how this works. In simple terms do you get pop ups nudging you to do something more productive?
@anthony_stylianou Same here, from what I understand from the website it's similar to ColdTurkey, allows blocking of websites, has a "Focus mode" that I assume blocks a set list of websites.. still exploring it. Here's a photo of the menu after it's installed..
@anthony_stylianou Hi Anthony, One of the things Saent does is block sites you've marked as "Evil." (It starts from a predetermined list that others similar to you have marked as Evil or Good, but you can adjust easily as you go.) Indeed, it blocks sites by overlaying your screen and nudging you back to work. But ultimately, Saent is about more than just blocking distractions -- it's also about helping you work in smarter and healthier ways (something I like to think of as "mindful productivity"). It does that through a few mechanisms, like making sure you take enough breaks, giving you data about your work habits, and issuing personalized Challenges that help you achieve work and work-life balance goals (a feature that we've just added and are iterating on now). Those Challenges could be about things like going home from work on time, or not checking email so much, or detoxing from Facebook, etc. There's also a social/gamification component, the Leaderboard, that allows you to compare your productivity efforts with colleagues and encourage and learn from each other. Any and all feedback of course appreciated!
I've been following the @getsaent journey for over a year since first chatting w. @timmetz . It's good to see the team are still passionately pursuing their mission to help us all be more productive. We certainly need it now - more than ever!
Having issues with the download link when submitting my info. Do you have a direct download?
@danielj1122 Sure thing. We're desktop only at this point (a mobile companion app is something we'll be rolling out in 2017). I'm assuming you filled out the email address form on mobile? That's supposed to automatically email you a desktop download link, but let me know if that's not working and I can investigate. In the mean time, here are some direct links: OS X: Windows:
@catone 🙏🙌 you're the bomb. I filled it out, but no email confirmation yet. It said "too many requests".
@danielj1122 Well that's not good! I'll look into it. Thanks for the report. :)