Block sad/depressing news from your social feeds

#3 Product of the DayApril 08, 2017
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Silvano Cerza
Silvano Cerza@silvanocerza · ON FIRE! 🔥
You need some sad moments to recognize the happy ones. You can't have light without some shadows.
Tom Goldsmith
Tom GoldsmithMaker@tomthought · Software Developer
@silvanocerza I believe we should optimize for the happy ones.
Daniel B.
Daniel B.@danielschlossfr · Product @N26
@silvanocerza @tomthought Actually social media is already happy-moments-biased - people mostly share their happy and fun moments. In fact i think that a lot of people might actually get depressed by their feeds being too fun, too happy because it creates the impression that "those people on social media" have a much more fun life compared to their own, setting unrealistic expectations. While the real truth is, that only the best moments are shared, which creates a distorted image of the life of people. (just giving some thoughts here, i totally get, that the reverse (people getting depressed by depressing news) might be true as well)
Stephanie Kampendonk
Stephanie Kampendonk@ihatedotpink · PR Officer
@danielschlossfr To be honest: my feeds are more covered with sad and depressing news than happy stories from my friends. Maybe it's just my friends though...😅
Steven Jacobs
Steven Jacobs@stevenjacobs_ · Founder @edmsauce
Does it turn off politics?
Tom Goldsmith
Tom GoldsmithMaker@tomthought · Software Developer
@stevenjacobs_ It does! There is a politics filter you can enable. There are a few keyword packs I've included in addition to the original logic.
Andrew Mutavdzija
Andrew Mutavdzija@andym_dc · JD
This is actually rather absurd and, sadly (no pun intended), a sign of the times. Bad things happen in the world and, without mentioning the idea of doing something about it, the response is to set up an alternate reality where it doesn't exist. 🙄
Marco Graf
Marco Graf@marcograf · indie maker
@andym_dc you are right, but I suppose it's a good idea to get away from it sometimes.. for your own psychological well-being. ;) In social media you get overwhelmed with bad news.
Sergio Angeles
Sergio Angeles@sergio_r_angeles · CoFounder & Pres of Longmont Observer.
@andym_dc I completely agree. This is just further fuels your own social media bubble
Tom Goldsmith
Tom GoldsmithMaker@tomthought · Software Developer
@andym_dc Hey there! This is the biggest argument folks make against the tool. I don't agree that it's that absurd. This won't block everything bad from happening in your life, it is simply meant to give some relief from what, for some people, has turned into a constant barrage of negativity while browsing. I've tried to outline some of my thoughts here: Thanks for the comment!
Adham Badr
Adham Badr@adhambad
@andym_dc a very valid point its a neat tool yet probably the first tool on PH i secretly wish it doesn't reach mass adoption for exactly that. However reading the Maker's blog post, a sentence alerted me "going to bed depressed .." to the fact that apathy probably comes in all sizes & variances, and this tool is probably crucially needed to people whom the mass & sheer magintude of the news troubles them on a level i may never experience.
Andrew Mutavdzija
Andrew Mutavdzija@andym_dc · JD
@marcograf @tomthought @marcograf I don't disagree with the counterpoints here and certainly feel for folks who may be predisposed to anxiety and the like. Perhaps my comment was a little broad inasmuch as it did not take those folks into account. However, as evidenced by a commenter below who said "does it turn off politics?", a large chunk of the user base of any tool like this is going to be non-oppressed people like me (ie, straight white dude) who have the privilege of turning off certain ugly aspects of the world. Keeping our eyes wide open to these events (staying 'woke,' if you will) isn't going to solve every problem, but it will go much further in ridding the world of all the "sad" news than simply blocking the medium with which that news can reach us ever will. Cc: @adhambad
Pierre-Marie Galite
Pierre-Marie Galite@tsunaze · mobile developer & advice giver
Great extension 😊. A great feature would be to add the perspective API from Google, which recognize "Toxic" texts
Tom Goldsmith
Tom GoldsmithMaker@tomthought · Software Developer
@tsunaze I'll look into that!
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Or you could stick your head in the ground and pretend it all away. Wow this tool is enabling folks to live in a "happy bubble".