Sad Animations

Express your hard emotional experiences to others

Sad Animations is a hand-drawn iMessage sticker pack for expressing your complicated emotional experiences to others.

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Hi everybody! There are many happy funny stickers out there, but what if you need to convey anxiety or depression? I made this set, so you can share these emotional experiences with others.
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@irmirx this is a great idea... I agree the range of negative emotions stickers is very limited.
This reminds me of the brilliance of the depressed Gudetama from Japan:
@irmirx For Facebook Messenger, please :)
@_shankarganesh Facebook emojis are all hand picked, we sent them an e-mail but never got a reply!
@irmirx Ah that's sad :(
@_shankarganesh @irmirx Telegram needs it as well :)
This is just awesome! I want to use dread.gif on my 404 page :P