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Chris LauterbachMaker@ccll1
Hey there, I'm the maker of Sachsen. Hope you'll like it. Shoot me any questions! BTW, use the coupon code DONTWEALLHUNT to get a 25% discount on the license...
Philipp Meder@phimema · Sales, Marketing @JapaCasa
@ccll1 how did you decide to name this app "Sachsen"? I guess you're from Saxonia, Germany?
Chris LauterbachMaker@ccll1
@phimema I got the idea for the app when a user named "Sachsen" wrote an incredibly thorough and balanced review for another app of mine which is on the App Store. I called the project Sachsen during development and just stuck to it upon release. 😀
Philipp Meder@phimema · Sales, Marketing @JapaCasa
@ccll1 Well, that's actually a nice background story :)
Kirill Zubovsky@kirillzubovsky · Troublemaker. Founder. Dad
@ccll1 cool app. I like that it doesn't force one into account creation. Curious, why did you choose to release outside of the App Store? Other than the obvious 30% cut to Apple, are there other benefits that you've found are worthy?
Chris LauterbachMaker@ccll1
@kirillzubovsky I'm actually planning on a MAS version, but are a bit afraid of bad reviews. 😎 No, seriously, I wanted to get the app in a state where most bugs are fixed before submitting it. You can't iterate that quickly on the App Stores.
Mike At Work@mfahydev · Owner/Lackey, CodeCooler Development Co.
The background story alone got me to buy the app, but I'm enjoying it immensely so far. I much prefer using a tool such as this over the "check everything on iTunesConnect" approach. Nice job!
TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
A gorgeous app that lets developers read the reviews of their apps in a dedicated app. A one trick pony perhaps, but what a pony it is...
Philipp Meder@phimema · Sales, Marketing @JapaCasa
Well, that's actually a nice background story :)
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
an aside, but I'd love to see somebody pull all of the review content and do sentiment analysis as well as see if it's easier to spot fake reviews, etc
Chris LauterbachMaker@ccll1
@passingnotes I've got quite a number of features planned which will help devs to analyze the reviews. Does user X always write negative reviews? How are my competitors' apps performing compared to mine? Is this review rather a feature request or a bug report? Do users in a specific country give particularly bad ratings for my app?