Sacca Shirts

How to really dress like a billionaire.

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Going to definitely need the Shark Tank one on here! Think it's a bit different to the first one? Disclaimer, I'm no Cowboy shirt expert so I could totally be wrong @sacca can correct me - Also did you ever see yourself becoming a fashion icon? Idea: a subscription box that any new shirts Chris is seen to be flaunting get auto-sent to your home. @LazAlberto - what possessed you to make this πŸ˜›??
@bentossell you're right, that's actually the one from the Forbes cover! I'll dig more for the official Shark Tank one (unless @Sacca wants to shoot over a link) Haha love that idea, that is next-level! And to answer your question... because the people needed to know! Saw so many tweets asking where to find them, thought I might as well help out a bit.
Sacca Shirts should be on Shark Tank.
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@lazalberto @bentossell @sacca the shark tank one is custom, I believe!
@jacksondahl @lazalberto @bentossell There are two Shark Tank shirts. First is off the rack but custom fit. The second (not yet aired) has custom embroidery that mirrors the Lowercase logo.
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It's just for him haha
I've tweeted the Scully shirt link at least a dozen times, so this is quite practical! Well done @lazalberto!
@nivo0o0 @lazalberto Truly inspired effort.
Now there's only left for someone to do a @sacca inspired shirt company and go on Shark Tank :)