Saber 2.0

Saber is a Heroku client for iOS

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Alasdair MonkMaker@almonk · Alasdair Monk
@bentossell thanks! I'm lucky enough to spend my day to day thinking, designing and coding the Heroku Dashboard and various other products. But Being able to strip everything back for the mobile experience however, is a fun way to rethink held assumptions about what is and isn't important to our users.
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@almonk love it! finally a well designed Heroku client on my iPhone. Love that I can scale / restart apps without being at my laptop. Are logs working on iOS? Or is that mac app only? I'm not seeing how to see them on iOS. Feature request: I'd love to be able to view memory usage / cpu from the app. That would be super useful. :) And why's this free? i'd pay for it. 👍
Alasdair MonkMaker@almonk · Alasdair Monk
@mscccc thanks! Logs and console live under the action button (top right) when you're in an app ^_^
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@almonk ohh nice! I was thinking that was a "share" button. Loving the console access. Thanks for making this 💜. I'd definitely pay for metrics.
Stanislas Boyet@stanboyet · CTO @Drawbotics
@almonk I'd definitely be up to pay for metrics :)
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@almonk tell us the story here :) I'm sure @mscccc will hop on in a few hours and have his say!