A Slack bot to challenge teammates on sport competitions

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Adrien Montcoudiol
Adrien MontcoudiolHunter@adrienm · Mobile Growth & UX Design
Hi everyone, Meet Sababot, a slack bot to challenge teammates on the biggest soccer, football and basketball competitions. Simply invite the bot to a channel and start betting on games (no money involved)! It’s a cool way to have fun and to bring some healthy competition in your team. Feel free to ask anything, I’m sure the makers have a lot more to say ;)
David Moyal
David MoyalMaker@david_moyal · iPlus
Hi Product Hunters! We're proud to share Sababot with you. Challenge your friends on the biggest sport competitions ! Encourage collaboration between colleagues, bring healthy competition and develop your company culture with Sababot ! It is the ultimate team building bot for Slack ! Simply add the bot to your team and start betting on the biggest sport competitions all year long (Soccer, NFL, NBA and more coming soon). Main features : - Direct click to place your bets - Quick access to games and scores - Smart Notification system - Fully-detailed leaderboard - Incredible bot interaction For more information : We'd love some feedback from you guys! Thanks a lot
Raphaël Scm
Raphaël Scm@raphaels · Co-Founder @ Hiroes
Great idea guys ! Best of luck !
David Moyal
David MoyalMaker@david_moyal · iPlus
@raphaels Thank you! We hope you will enjoy it
Anthony Bessis
Anthony Bessis@anthobess
Good one !! Finally a place to summarize my bets.
Jonas Ouazan
Jonas OuazanMaker@jonsouaz
@anthobess Have fun and feel free to share feedback !
Great product
Nat Phil
Nat PhilMaker@nat_phil · Entrepreneur, LeKiosk
@swann thanks! feel free to share feedbacks to improve the product. best
@nat_phil Well it's already quite optimal. We've used it during the Euro this summer and spent best moments. Thank you ;-)