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Lexi Reese is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at unicorn startup, @Gusto and is one of the top female executives in Silicon Valley. Lexi’s passion for serving customers was sparked by her early career in microfinance as a public policy advocate with ACCION International—giving loans to people living in poverty to start their own ventures. She later worked at Google for eight years, most recently serving as Vice President of Programmatic Sales and Strategy globally. Lexi also started the Cambridge AdWords team for Google's small business organization. Now at Gusto, Lexi ensures that Gusto is continuously going above and beyond to serve all customers. Huge thanks to @joshuareeves for the intro today! In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How did Lexi make her way from the world of Google and Facebook to SaaS with Gusto? What were the biggest takeaways from spending 8 years at Google and seeing the immense hyper-growth there? How has Lexi applied those learnings to Gusto today? How does Lexi look to put the ‘customer first’ thesis into practice? What does this look like in reality and from day 1? How can one maintain such high levels of customer service with an ever increasing customer base? How can one insert elements of repeatability to make this easier? Question from @HunterWalk: How do you fundamentally measure customer satisfaction? What benchmarks do you calibrate against to consider success? 60 Second SaaStr What does Lexi know now that she wishes she had known in the beginning? Most challenging aspect of Lexi’s role? Question from @Tientzuo @Zuora: How do you look to avoid the hype culture that pervades the valley?
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