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@LeoWid is the Founder & COO @Buffer, the Simple and powerful social media scheduling, publishing & analytics. They have raised funding from some of the best including Scott and @Cyantist Banister, Hubspot’s @Dharmesh Shah, HnShah and @EricRies just to name a few. Now in today’s talk with Leo he breaks down his and the Buffer teams Top 10 Learnings in Growing to 10m ARR. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: What are the 3 questions Leo asks his customers to understand them best? When is the right time to ask them? How should you follow up from this? How to experiment with weekly masterminds? How do masterminds work? When is the right time to do them? What is important to remember in entering a mastermind? How does Leo assess pricing structure? Why does he think it is important to experiment with different pricing? How do you do so without losing customers or trust? Why does Leo advise startup founders to get advice from mentors with conflicting opinions? Why is this important and how should a decision be reached?