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@StGarrity is COO and founder of @HearsaySystems the leading advisor-client engagement solution for the financial services industry. Hearsay have backing from the likes of @Sequoia, @NEA, @KPCB Partner, @MAbb0tt and Path Founder, @DaveMorin. Before founding Hearsay, Steve worked as an engineer at Microsoft Corporation in Seattle is a graduate of Stanford University with a BS and MS in Computer Science. While at Stanford, he was selected as a Mayfield Fellow in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. During which, he joined Fortify Software as a product manager. Steve is also an investor in, and advisor to a number of Silicon Valley start-ups. Huge thanks to @stanine @inkling for the intro to Steve today. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How did Steve made his way into the world of SaaS from the world of Microsoft? How does Steve approach the management around his engineering team? How does Steve balance management of engineers while still allowing creativity? Are there dangers of giving engineers freedom? Is it possible to have both a happy engineering and sales? How does Steve look to harmonise the team? Is it not contra popular theory to have different cultures for different segments of the team? Why does Steve believe that executive coaching is an almost universal requirement? How does Steve justify that to the board? 60 Second SaaStr Steve’s Biggest Productivity tools? What does Steve now know that he wishes he had known at the start? The biggest mistake SaaS companies are enacting with their social media strategies?
great podcast @stgarrity!
@ted_blosser @stgarrity Thanks so much Ted and means so much to me.