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@SangramVajre is the Co-Founder & CMO @Terminus, the leading account-based marketing platform. Prior to Terminus, Sangram was the Head of Marketing @Pardot, prior to it’s acquisition by Salesforce. Sangram is also the brains behind the marvel that is Flip My Funnel which challenges the status quo of traditional B2B marketing practices and transform how B2B marketers approached driving revenue in their organization. You might remember in a recent episode Tim Kopp @ Hyde Park Ventures cited Sangram and his revolutionary approach with Flip My Funnel as one to watch. If that was not enough, Sangram is also the author of "Account-Based Marketing For Dummies". Huge thanks to @motoceo for the intro today! In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How Sangram came to found Flip My Funnel and Terminus? What was the a-ha moment and origin story for Sangram? Why does Sangram believe the funnel needs to be reinvented? Where are the inefficiencies? What can be done to optimise the funnel and what are the steps to do so? How did Sangram establish such a strong brand in the B2B space on a shoe-string budget in such a short space of time? What tactics can be done to exert your authority over a domain? How does Sangram look to create an ownership culture of internal entrepreneurs at Terminus? Why is it so important to try and hire people who know more than you? Why did Sangram decide to hire a customer success rep before any other function? What did he look for in his first CS person? What does Sangram thinks is fundamental to being successful at CS? 60 Second SaaStr Biggest learning from founding and scaling Terminus? Sangram’s Favourite SaaS reading material?