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@tbKopp is a Managing Partner with @HydeParkVP one of the leading early stage VCs in the Midwest. Prior to joining Hyde Park Venture Partners, Tim was the CMO of @ExactTarget for 6+ years, leading a global team of nearly 300 amazing marketing leaders. Tim helped grow ExactTarget from $47M to $400M in revenue, through IPO, and ultimately to a $2.7B sale to Salesforce. He previously spent 10+ years in consumer marketing with P&G and Coca-Cola. You can follow his advice for startup executives and marketing leaders at his newly launched website:www.cmovc.com. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How Tim made his way into the world of B2B marketing and then made the transition into the world of venture? Why does Tim believe marketing in B2B is unbuilt and uninspired? What would Tim like to see change? What are SaaS CEO’s doing wrong with regards to organisation and scaling of their marketing team? What questions should they be asking? Why does the best B2B marketers come from the world of B2C? What makes them more effective than current B2B marketers? Why is ABM the most revolutionary thing to happen to marketing for the last decade? How can startups and CEOs integrate ABM into their current marketing forecasts?