SaaStr 047: Meagen Eisenberg, CMO @ MongoDB

How to increase leads through marketing funnel optimisation

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I met @meisenberg right after the @saastr talk and she has been awesome in helping out @thefuelpanda. Listen to this talk and take notes.
@p1avan @meisenberg @saastr @thefuelpanda Yep, some one to follow closely. Congrats Meagen!
Today’s episode is taken from @SaaStr Annual 2016, featuring @Meisenberg, CMO at @MongoDB and former VP Demand Gen at DocuSign, sharing her playbook for optimizing the funnel at every stage and converting leads into real, paying customers. If you want to join me and Jason @ SaaStr 2017 then head to where you can buy tickets. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: Why you need to think about more than just pipeline? What are the other elements of the funnel you should focus on? How to optimise your forms for data capture to allow your sales team to follow up successfully? How marketing can provide support to sales to attract new customers? How does nurturing align the buyer with your sales team? How do you accurately measure success within email marketing? How can startups on a tight budget maximise exposure through content and social media?
@harrystebbings @saastr @meisenberg @mongodb this is a must-hear for everyone involved in #Marketing Great show !!!
This was a sweet episode. Lots of little tips and things to test out.