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As VP of Sales and Marketing at @Atlassian for three years before becoming President, @JaySimons has a broad perspective on what it takes to build a successful company. Sometimes, ignoring conventional wisdom is what will differentiate you from the competition. Bootstrapping from day one, launching and supporting multiple products, and doing it all without traditional Sales team - Atlassian's approach (and wild success) has always been a curious anomaly in SaaS. After 13 years of being an exception to every rule, Atlassian went public in late 2015 with a total market capitalization of $4.37B at the time of the IPO. In this session, Jay answers our burning questions: 1.) Why does Jay believe in most cases the best run companies are public companies? What does being public bring to the organizational structure of a firm? 2.) How important is it for early stage startups to have board members and outside perspectives? How should they select those inputs? 3.) How important a role does customer support and success play in the conversion of customers from trial to paid versions? 4.) How does Jay focus on 4 products with such a differentiated suite of products? Does this not contradict the often cited fundamental, focus.