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Harry Stebbings
Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@chrija is the Co-Founder and the Managing Partner @PointNinecap, one of Europe’s best early stage venture funds and Christoph himself specializes in all things SaaS at Point Nine and has made more than 20 SaaS startup investments. Prior to Point Nine, Christoph co-founded two Internet startups and in 2008, became an angel investor and discovered @Zendesk, which was his first angel investment. Also if you would like to congratulate Jason for the raising of the incredible new @SaaStr Fund then you can click here to send him a congratulations tweet. (http://ctt.ec/PfcIS) In Today’s Episode with Christoph We Discuss How did Christoph make his way into the world of early stage SaaS investing? When should startups consider making the move to the US? Is it always necessary? How important is it for SaaS startups to have a local US investor? What are the benefits? Where are there talent gaps in European SaaS? What can European founders do to find those experienced VPs of Sales and Marketing? Question from Jason: What made Zendesk seem like such a winner and what did that teach you? Where does Christoph see the next wave of the consumerisation of SaaS? Is it harder to get funded as a SaaS startup in today’s environment than in previous years?