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Harry Stebbings
Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
I am so excited to welcome Russ Hearl, Head of Sales @ Datahug. Datahug is a pipeline management and forecasting solution within Salesforce and backed by the likes of DFJ and Salesforce Ventures. Prior to Datahug, Russ was the VP of Sales at DoubleDutch where he built a sales machine that delivered over 1,500 new customer wins and took the business from $0 to over $20 million ARR in less than three years. A true thought leader in sales optimization and selling velocity. In Today’s Episode You Will Discover: What makes a great SaaS sales leader? How can you spot the BS and the façade of someone who does not have what it takes? How do the best leaders run 1 on 1’s with their reps? How can leaders optimise this time and interaction? Is there anything they should avoid in the process? ? How can sales leaders go about introducing elements of competition into sales without disincentivising the loser? What is the buddy system and how does that work? Why do SaaS founders need to make pipeline velocity optimization a priority today? What are the biggest opportunities in improving pipeline velocity? In a round we call the 60 Second Saastr, we also hear: Biggest opportunities in improving pipeline velocity? Fave SaaS resources and reading materials? What are the biggest mistakes people make in pipeline velocity?
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