SaaStr 017: Laura Behrens Wu, Co-Founder & CEO @ Shippo

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Laura Behrens Wu — Shippo
Hi, it's Laura from Shippo. Thanks to Harry for the interview! I had a great time talking about what we do at Shippo, and all the thing we've learned over the last few years. If anyone has any questions about shipping, raising, or growing early stage startups, please let me know!
Eduardo Duran — CEO/Founder @Vairal
@laurabehrenswu I have a few questions I could really use and answer to. Can you help?
Laura Behrens Wu — Shippo
@duran_tech yes, sure. What's on your mind?
Harry Stebbings — Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Joining us today on The Official @Saastr Podcast is @LauraBehrensWu, Laura is the Founder & CEO @GoShippo, the API and dashboard for all your shipping needs. They have raised from the likes of @SoftTechVC, @500Startups, @SlowVentures and many more incredible investors. In today's show with Laura we discuss:

What are API’s and what do they allow us to do?

With API’s developer adoption is crucial, what has worked for Laura in terms of finding developers, onboarding them and ensuring developer retention?

How much of a role does content marketing and education play in a complex product and tech stack, like Shippo? What strategies have been the most successful in educating potential clients?

Why does Laura believe transparent pricing is so fundamental? How does Laura harness the freemium model while attempting to onboard large corporate clients

What do the next 20 years hold for Shippo? What will it take to reach the milestones?

In a round we call the 60 Second Saastr, we also hear:

Most challenging element of building Shippo?
Biggest advice to SMB’s on shipping options?
The fundraising process: What was it like?
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