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This episode was recorded at Saastr Annual 2016 and it is an incredible conversation whereby @jasonlk deep dives into the career and wisdom of @rabois. For those that do not know, Keith is a legend of the tech industry having helped build some of the most important companies in Silicon Valley including @Paypal, @Square and @Linkedin. He is also a very prominent VC with Khosla Ventures and has recently rejoined the world of operations, looking to disrupt the world of property with OpenDoor. In Today's Show We Cover: Why Keith rejoined the world of operations having been a VC with Khosla? Is domain expertise a good or a bad thing to have when entering an industry? When hiring, how do you achieve the balance of experience and potential? When is the right time to hire a COO? What are the signs? How Did Keith approach hiring in high growth rocketship companies?
I listened to this podcast as I walked to work today. @rabois provides his perspective on hiring, which is super interesting. The TL;DR...get great at hiring, always have a mix of perspectives and experiences in your team, and there is no one way - only the way that is best for your company. One very specific piece of advice that is universally applicable - when you are interviewing someone with a particular expertise, talk to 5 people who are experts at doing the job you are trying to fill. Never hired a CFO - talk to 5 outstanding CFOs and use those conversations to shape who you hire.