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Shocked that this didn't exist before now! Should help SaaS folks reduce time-to-hire & time-to-get-hired.
@kkdub I know! We were really surprised and as we know hiring seems to be one of the biggest challenges in SaaS right now, we just had to build SaaSNerd.
I like the international jobs, is there a way to see remote jobs only?
@luizcent Hi Luiz, great point. Currently we have a description of 'anywhere' being remote. But I'll look to add in remote too. Thank you
Love it! Such a killer idea, good work @alextheuma
Love this. Just staring to hire for my SaaS business so no doubt this will be a great way to do it!!!
@hanchaplino Thanks Hannah. We'd love to Receptive jobs on SaaSNerd. You'd be in great company :)
Great project, really liked it. Will definitely use it.
@lhfaria Thanks Leo. Look forward to seeing a great brand like Saasmetrics on SaaSNerd