Build SaaS integrations in days or weeks — not months

Saasler is a platform that makes building integrations between your SaaS product and others super-quick (a few days or weeks, instead of months).

Once you’ve mapped your API in our Developer Portal, you can easily connect to hundreds of other third-party apps, and embed new integrations directly into your product.

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Nice! I wonder if an integration with Greenhouse would be useful for people in the HR/recruiting space?
@startstorms Great to see you here! We do support a few things in the HR/Recruting space. With the way we’ve built the product, we can handle the weird types of integrations in some of the legacy systems found in that space.
@jonathant 👋 nice sounds good!
Great idea! Out of interest who is your target market? It seems ideally suited to new startups that are just getting started but at $399 per month would largely be cost prohibitive IMO. On the other hand if you are going slightly later stage and targeted post-seed startups then I chances are they would exceed the 500 accounts and/or need the 15 min polling at the very least. You don't disclose the pricing for your growth phase, but if its say 50% more than the $399, then potentially we are looking at $600 a month? And at some point I feel there would be a break point where its just easier to integrate directly, or integrate directly with your top 5 - 10 requested apps from your users then add IFTTT and Zapier to cover everyone else. Don't mean to be "negative" but when I saw the notification on my phone I was immediately interested in the idea and thought they could be a solution for my startup. Have you thought about charging on a cost per trigger/action basis? Good luck with the PH launch!
@pvptowers Thanks for the comments. We are not trying to compete with the likes of Zappier or IFTTT our solution is meant to bring a back a bit of the control lost to some of these product back to the SaaS developers. Building a great product takes a lot of effort and our belief is that product teams can eat their cake and have it too by focusing on building a great product and a great API. We take it from there, by leveraging their API to do all the integrations and interface elements needed to do the integration. Comparing it to the aforementioned products is just not a good comparison for this reason. Our integrations can do a lot more that those and are meant to be completely in context for the user making it a build vs buy desicion. We’ve found that our customers are better off building the right things in their core product as opposed to more integrations.
@jonathant Thanks for your message. I understand that you are not competing with IFTTT and Zapier. My point was that your value proposition is to save development time/cost (if I am readying your site correctly) But the way I see it is I have 3 options. 1) Pay my developers to build out every integration I want = expensive. 2) Pay my developers to build out the top 5 - 10 requested integrations, then just integrate with Zapier and IFTTT for everything else (and take the "that will be good enough for now approach") 3) Use your solution which in the short term may be cheaper, but with 60 minute polling and 500 account limit probably won't suit most applications and therefore I'm going to go on your higher tier and pay 600, 700, 800? (not sure) a month? Which to be honest is going to add up quickly. If I adopt that approach then there will be a break point where I may as well just pay developers to build the direct integrations anyway. My question still stands on who your target audience is. Maybe it's not early stage startups? (which is cool if its not). I'm just trying to say that if you are targeting new/pre-seed startups then I am 100% your target market, and my feedback is that pricing would be an issue for me. If however you are targeting startups that have already raised a bunch of cash then my opinion is invalid as Im not the customer you are trying to acquire. But if I had raised $500k or something then I probably have the cash and resources to build the integrations anyway.
@pvptowers Thanks for continuing to ask questions. Here's a summary fo respones: 1. Correct. Building it yourself is always an option and depending on the case, it might be critical to do so. We haven't seen many of those cases. 2. This is definitely a good approach since it solves for a lot of the cases. Building integrations with Zapier and IFTTT can good practice, if you don't mind loosing a bit of control over your customers data, regardless if you are building the integrations yourself or using a service like Saasler. 3. We can definetly work with early stage startups at lower prices, assuming the volumes are less. We've found that our customers typically price their offerings above $1000/month and even at $100/month, it still makes sense just by being able to add a few extra customers. If you are early stage Saasler is even more cirtical and necesary since not only do you need to worry about building your product and making sure it's diffentiated enough, having to deal with the integrations will help rub off some of the benefints of existing platforms and allow for faster growth - not to mention the fact that they can focus on their product. Most of our customers are not that early stage. Generally more mature and have teams in the dozens. 4. The 60 minute polling is not such a big issues as you mention. Primarily because of the way that those integrations work. They are triggered by the end user and thus are immediate - no delays. Added a new Gif as an example. 5. There's always a breakpoint as with any product. For instace usign somethign like Heroku or AWS's RDS DB vs having your own devops team. Our assumption is simple: why reinent the wheel with somethig like integrations if you can use that time on moving your roadmap forward. Hope this helps clarify things and happy to answer any more questions you might have.
@jonathant Awesome, good to know that the 60 minute polling isn't an issue for triggered tasks. That makes a huge difference. If you end up launching a super early stage startup pricing structure or a price per action/trigger message me back. I know I would immediately be a customer. I can see how if you have a SaaS product at $1000 per month, then your pricing makes a ton of sense. My startup is pitched much lower end free with $9 per user, per month (to add some context as to why the $399 seems expensive to me)
@pvptowers It would be great if we can schedule a call and figure out a way we can help you. Pricing is not the most important things to us but rather making sure that what we do adds value. Here's my availability:
Incredible to see the product! Can't wait to see the evolution as you receive feedback. And of course, tell the world I knew them before the fact.....
@robbiejfrye thanks for your support through out the process!
Really cool stuff @carmenluiza and team. We build integrations with other SaaS platforms for Reamaze all the time. Will check it out!
Awesome job Saasler team, it looks great!