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They copied the design, categories, products, TEXT, images, footer etc.




Straight up copy of Startup Stash

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Surprised how one can copy someone's work in such a straightforward way...


the same as Startup Stash?


That's simply a copy of Startup Stash, not nice

Why does this have 100 upvotes and why is it featured? Straight up copy paste of StartupStash. So many great projects get submitted to ProductHunt and then never get featured but this does. Why isn't it removed yet? Every page is identical, the text and images are stolen. Even about us is straight up copy paste of StartupStash. "Saaslab is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup." "Startup Stash is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup." Project descriptions are the same, the header and the footer are identical and so are the read more views. I just checked the document structure.. even the css classes are identically named and the document structure is identical. So it is straight up stealing somebody else's work and promoting it as your own allowed now? And when the "maker" gets called out he says 'Ok, Yes, we realized that we used the slogan "Done is better than perfect"'. This got my blood boiling and I haven't even heard about Startup Stash before. Edit: Even the names of the product images are identical.
@blazbreznik We have already decided with the producthunt and with startupstesh, all the questions, we pointed to errors, we took note of and will completely change the product. We have the ability to add, discuss, vote for services. thanks for the feedback, so much negative, why you see only cons and do not see the pros
@blazbreznik @jamesbartonnn It's hard to see the pros when the site is screaming blatant copy of an existing, established site. If you have pros to show and want praise for your product, you need to make it unique. It's better to start out smaller with your unique content and grow it, than start with a blatant clone of a site.
@blazbreznik @chad_fullerton Thanks for the review, I did not expect that there will be so much negativity, we added the possibilities of which there is no startupstesh, again thanks for attention
@jamesbartonnn Suggestion: If I'm looking for SaaS services, just clicking into a category and seeing dozens of services can be overwhelming for new people who have to go through each of the services to figure out how they compare to each other. Maybe a way to differentiate your site would be making a comparison feature, or a way for someone to fill out a questionnaire form of what they are looking for, and you make suggestions for what SaaS would best suit them.
@chad_fullerton Good Idea, thanks
Come on guys, dont steal... Use your energy and creativity on something more creative.
@weltstrom Ok, Yes, we realized that we used the slogan "Done is better than perfect", we did not quite succeed;) and we wanted to take the best and make it even better)
Hello Hunters and makers, Thanks for hunting SaasLab! SaasLab is our project and directory of resources and tools/apps to help you build your startup or saas business. It includes more 500+ products in 40 categories, like for example: Idea Generation, Early users, Marketing, Each category consists of 10+ handpicked resources and tools, all with their own page of the product. We build curated the list of services and tools for everyone who wants to create a personal business or grow existing project. I think this list will help many people test target audience before start developing new products, this list will help find a good idea for a new project, will help research right market for sale, will help with the first sales, help with SEO and set up email marketing, will help to choose a design for landings and much more. Once a month, but we follow the main Companies and blogs, and if there are new contents we will update it
@jamesbartonnn you identically copied the design, tagline, a lot of resources in the categories and even the footer of Startup Stash 😅I feel flattered - very creative!
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@bramk Thanks your project, really impressed me
@bramk Your project @startupstash is perfect and cool, I used your project every day, but constantly new products are created that are not in @startupstash I decided to do a similar project in which you can add best new resources after the review. I tried to make it a little bit better than @startupstash Despite your negative feedback, many thanks for drawing attention and comments, and for your project.
@startupstash @jamesbartonnn happy to inspire you but when you straight up copy text, images, taglines etc. - it's just not cool, you don't do that.