SaaSi Beta

Save⌚️& 💰. Automate your SaaS spend and usage tracking!

SaaSi helps you save time and money by automatically tracking your software usage, visualizing your spend, and sending you smart alerts, helping you gain insights to leverage SaaS efficiently.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
I have been using SaaSi for a couple of weeks now, I have nothing but good things to say about it. From the simple and clean interface to the very clear and descriptive information. I always forget about the prices and what services I might have forget I signup to, this helped me out and saved me a little money :) Great product
Hi Hunters! We are really happy to introduce you to SaaSi the fox 🦊 We trained SaaSi to help control your software, find unrecognized expenses and non-utilized subscriptions. SaaSi visualizes your software usage with a few simple steps, by extracting the relevant information from the source you provide. Smart alerts, automatic invoice collection, and B-E-A-utiful dashboards are just the tip of what what we’ve trained SaaSi to do! He has a pretty intense training roadmap... Eager to hear your feedback and in return all hunters here will get our PRO plan free for 12 months once we release our paid plans. So, how much SaaS do you think you use? Come and meet SaaSi, maybe you’ll find it in your heart to fully adopt our little Fox and take him on the hunt with you to find the ultimate question - how much is your team spending on SaaS?!
@dima_grossman how do you find out about the special offer for beta?
@jodi_leblanc I'm one of the founders:) you can also see the offer note on the main page banner.
I'm an early adopter of SaaSi, and I loved it from minutes 1 of use. It helps me uncover those long forgotten old saas I never used and get rid of them. easy savings, plus I get to discover new alternatives. love the sleek UX and how it's incredibly fast. looking forward to more features.
@amidan_roth Thanks for the wonderful words, hope to provide you with lots more value in the future