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#2 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2014
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Hi guys, First of all thanks @maximesalomon for this Hunt :-) @rrhoover kindly said that we could share SaaS Club on Product Hunt. I'm well aware that this is not strictly a "product" but anyway the aim of SaaS Club is simply to help people in the SaaS industry (startups and more) find great resources and tools to build their own SaaS. We are a community of SaaS lovers sharing stuff all together so feel free to check it out and join the fun! And thks again for building this great community on Product Hunt!
Welcome, @clemnt! Your SaaSClub is super relevant to this audience. It's like a hybrid of of Addon List (, by @Tosswill and Foundora (, by @SNaimath. Both received a lot of positive attention. How are you curating the resources and tools?
This is awesome. Just signed up.
Been reading SaaS Club for the last few months from @clemnt and easily one of my favorite email newsletters to date!
great initiative!