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David Paquet Pitts — Co-Founder, OKAM
Nice, but you should at least add a dropdown for the currency
Justus Perlwitz — Justus
@davidpaquet Yes, indeed. I've made USD the default currency now. Thank you for the suggestion!
Anfernee Chansamooth — Marketing Lead, Hub Australia
@justuswilhelm what about AUD?

Is it possible to change the expenses amount? I'd like to include salaries and other costs in the calculation.
Justus Perlwitz — Justus
@anferneec Yes, thank you for the suggestion. So far I've only considered user acquisition expenses. Would a "Fixed Cost" field be helpful?
Anfernee Chansamooth — Marketing Lead, Hub Australia
@justuswilhelm yes fixed cost field would be helpful.
Marie Dorange — Opla
I love it ! Very useful. Would be great to have other currencies (Euros so to say), and to be able to export as a PDF or table sheet.
Justus Perlwitz — Justus
@marie_dorange Thank you for feedback. You can set the currency by adjusting the "Show results in
" setting on the right of the page. Hope this helps!
As for an export feature, that is a great idea. I will try to see if I can come up with a good idea and let you know :) Thank you so much!
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