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I remember when you mentioned you were exploring this, @hnshah. Just subscribed via email and I noticed you're experimenting with a Safari push notification subscription option. Very curious to see how that does. Are you using Roost?
@rrhoover It's completely powered by http://curated.co
Considering I tweeted yesterday about how monsterously great a blog post Hiten brought to my attention was, this seems like a no brainer.
Damn. That was fast, I just tweeted about it a few minutes ago.
@hnshah hah! thanks to @andrewdumont for the RT, I just noticed and shared w. the community here. reminds me of @clemnt's excellent SaaS Club: http://saasclub.com/
@daveambrose yup, love the idea of SaaS Club. I'm doing mine for fun and to extend beyond Twitter a bit.
@hnshah is a SaaSMaaster. Signed up!