SaaS Product Benchmarks

See how your tech product stacks up w/ metrics that matter

How does your product measure up? Get objective data to help you build products people love—with insights from CEOs and product leaders at over 150 SaaS companies. The 2020 SaaS Product Benchmarks isn't just about informing, it's about driving real growth.
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We're excited to collaborate with OpenView Venture Partners, Pendo, and others to uncover insights that help Product Managers, Product Leaders, product-minded founders and others compare their tech products against the competition using metrics that matter most -- and help their products grow!
@belsito Hi, Thanks. Not able to download the report. The download link points to 2019 expanstion SaaS benchmark report. -Mj.
@veerjain Oh no! Looking into this right now -- and if you email me directly -- mike [at] productcollective dot com -- I'll personally email you the correct version today.
@veerjain give it a go again- I just tried it and it seemed to work:
@belsito @veerjain All corrected! Thanks again for calling that out.
@belsito Thanks..!, i could access the report now.
Most readers have said their favorite part of the report is the breakdown between freemium and free trial models, and I tend to agree. But don't ignore retention rates by acquisition source (in the downloadable report) it's very eye opening and made me think long and hard about how to design a marketing program from the bottom up.
We always get asked the question of should we go fully freemium or just offer a time-limited free trial? Now we have original data on which model works best and way. I t turns out that freemium does in fact help bring on more users (33% higher conversion from web visitor to user), but a free trial drives better free-to-paid conversion (nearly 2x the free to paid conversion). Think about freemium as a lead generation play. If you benefit from getting as many people into the product as possible (viral loops, network effects, data collection), freemium is for you. But if you need revenue ASAP, go with a trial model.
@poyark Great insights in this year's report, Kyle. Thanks again to you, @sam_richard and the Product Collective team for putting it together. The free trial vs. freemium performance was probably the most interesting to me as well. I also thought it was interesting to see the correlation between companies seeing high growth and an investment in sales resources. I still remember Tope's PLG Summit talk around the unique ability for sales reps/human beings to maximize customer value and when it makes sense to add sales to your PLG mix.
excellent work - this is one of the most useful SaaS reports I've come across.
@kenjonson Thanks, Ken! Really glad to hear it.
Ever thought about product metrics for non-SaaS products? Many (most?) B2B Enterprise products are still on-premise delivered or single tenant hosted.
@kirk_sadler It's a great point! In this particular report, the focus was on SaaS, but there are certainly opportunities beyond SaaS for benchmarks like these.