SaaS Invaders for Slack

Get notified on Slack of your new SaaS Invaders deals

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by Ben Tossell (No-coder πŸ‘‰

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Hi Product Hunters! Big Thx to @NikkiElizDemere for publishing the release of our new Feature πŸ˜‰ but also to Product Hunt for this second round πŸ˜„ We are glad to provide to our tribe something they asked for: a Slack integration! You can now keep in touch with us and stay informed about our new deals by using Slack. Just a word to re-introduce what SaaS Invaders does: SaaS Invaders is a private Sales website dedicated to Web tools that startups can use to grow faster. Every week, we select and promote 2 Web apps with awesome discounts! Feel free to give us any feedback, your vox remains the best asset we have. Thank you and enjoy!
Too bad you have been removed, your service is really great!
Thanks @vincenzor! Yes so bad...
Interesting to see Slack begin used as a notification channel, although how often are people seeking out deals like this? IMO, notifications like this work best for content that's frequent and useful daily (or multiple times per day), with exception to monitoring services (e.g. "YOUR SITE'S DOWN!!!). Creative idea but what are your thoughts, @tombenattar?
@rrhoover Sure! We propose many different products, our community loves to discover and get discounts on web tools (you know this πŸ˜‰), a Slack channel provides us the ability to let our tribe being informed about new deals in a fast and funny way. With this feature, we offer 2 possibilities for our community: Newsletter or Slack notification. I'm sure, in a few months we will have more Slack requests than newsletter! I think Slack is the "future", we have too much emails. And as you say, we are the first to provide this feature to get products!
Any chance to move on homepage @rrhoover? πŸ™ˆ