SaaS Invaders

Awesome weekly discounts on the best tools for startups

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Hi Product Hunters! Thanks to @bogomep for publishing on Product Hunt.  We are super excited to present you SaaS Invaders!! 😍 SaaS Invaders is a private sales website dedicated to Web Tools for startups. Every week, we select and promote the 4 best Web Apps with awesome discounts!!  This week on SaaS Invaders you will discover 4 amazing tools with up to 100% discount!  Hotjar: See how your visitors are really using your site (1591 upvotes) Algolia: Build Realtime Search (350 upvotes)  Typeform: Beautiful, next-generation online forms (333 upvotes) Recruitee: A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool (250 upvotes) And concerning the Secret deal….we'll let you discover 🙈 As Hunters, you will automatically become premium members on SaaS Invaders. Our premium members have access to Secret Deals and they can submit Request Deals as well!  Feel free to give us any feedback or questions 😀 Enjoy your weekly deals! 🎉
Wow, I am happy that you are offering deals for products already upvoted on Product Hunt :) Kudos!
@bogomep Thanks Bogo!
Loved the premium member thing. Amazing and really helpful :D
Hi @rawshashank thanks!! :-)
Love it! Keep up the great work guys! :)
Hey thanks @mamartin88!! 😄
what if you already are algolia/hotjar customer ? Can you get that price down too ? :p
Hi @digitalbase unfortunately their discounts are just for new users.. But we will negociate it for next campaign!