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SaaS Income Calculator is a tool to compare payment processors and calculate your SaaS income.


  • Ben Flowers
    Ben FlowersPlatform Engineer @ Wrisk

    Simple clean


    US Centric - currency is $ only and Stripe has different price points for EU customers (1.4%) so cannot accurately calculate

    Would be a nice to have to switch currency symbols but also stripe charges European companies different prices for European/Non-European cards e.g.

    Would be cool to add extra costs e.g.manual fixed costs such as hosting etc..

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  • Tatyana Romanova
    Tatyana RomanovaCopywriter, Singree

    cool app



    great thing to have

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Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
Hey, Everyone, First, thank you @andrewett for the hunt. I've created this little tool to motivate myself and other makers on their road. It allows you to add different plans with number of subscribers and monthly price and compare your income/revenue with usage of 5 different payment processors: Paypal, Stripe, Paddle, PayHip, and Gumroad (2 x) Any comments and suggestions are welcome :)
Wow, this is fascinating. The #1 thing I learnt from this is that I really should up the price of my plans, or bundle multiple transactions together somehow, since the 30 cent Stripe transaction really eats into smaller plans.
Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@cenk Thanks. Yes, you're right. Unfortunately, PayHip is the only one on the list without a fixed fee.
@csaba_kissi Yes.. but there’s no way I would ever use anything else than Stripe. Still a great tool though, really valuable insights
Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@cenk Lucky man, I can't use it because of my country isn't' on the list of supported countries.
Klaus Nymand
Klaus Nymand@knymand · Entrepreneur and Investor
A cool thing to add would be a Cost per Customer Acquisition :)
Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@knymand Thank you for the suggestion
Catalin Pop
Catalin Pop@catapop84
NIce tool. You should add Braintree payments as well.
Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@catapop84 Thank you, I'll add it definitely.
Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@catapop84 I've just added Braintree.
Max Ronai
Max Ronai@maxronai · Founder & CEO - Gobot (
Awesome! Thanks for creating :). It might be useful to create the option to add subscription management tools into the equation (ex. Recurly, Chargify, etc.), as these tools impact the final revenue for many SaaS companies.
Csaba KissiMaker@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@maxronai Thanks for the tip. I'll check these