Hit the ground running when building a SaaS application. Buy-vs-build is a daily dilemma for us makers. SaaS Blocks helps you discover and select new vendors to add features to your SaaS product.
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Hi fellow makers! Building multiple products taught us some valuable lessons around focusing on core-development and adopting a lego-brick approach to building products. We collected all the tools that could be helpful and centralized them in one easy-to-scan directory. Let us know if we missed important categories or vendors.
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@gertjanwilde We've been big believers on the lego approach to SaaS. Great job. And thanks for including the BEE editor (https://beefree.io) among the email tools! Would love to connect and talk more about make vs. buy in SaaS. Reach out when you have time.
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Nice collection, @gertjanwilde.
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Bookmarked! Great job
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Cool, this is very useful! Would be nice to get some idea about how popular each vendor is.
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Awesome team!


Great collection, finally we have a centralized library of necessary tools in one platform!



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