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Thank you Tom for including Algolia in the SaaS 1000. We're excited to be listed among the fastest growing SaaS companies and to be your fastest growing search-as-a-service company!
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Greetings Hunters and thanks to @bramk! The SaaS 1000 was built to let you know which SaaS companies are really taking off. I created it because I personally wanted to see this myself. I wanted to know who was growing and how they were doing it. That is why we included a "Links" column that links out to different resources of how they have grown. Exporting the list is free if you subscribe to get our updates, etc. We don't really know where this thing is headed, but we just want to provide people with a resource to see who is growing fast and how they did it. We will probably do some individual interviews with some of the CEOs/founders, do some research reports, surveys, etc. If you have any suggestions we are all ears. Thanks!
@tomblue Wow! #9 out of 1,000 high-growth SaaS companies. Not bad. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for including Autopilot of your list, Tom! Super appreciated.
Great idea guys! Nice to see there so many fast growing solid companies.
@eugenelata Thanks! Each quarter we plan to update this list and do a "State of SaaS" report. It will compare the growth of the current lists companies vs the growth of the previous lists companies. Is growth just as fast this quarter as last? That sort of thing.
Thanks a lot, @tomblue for including @Whatfix in the SaaS 1000 ranking! We're hoping that our interactive guidance system shoots up quickly to the top of the list. Cheers!
Very interesting List. If you are keen on a list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev, i made a little app (Android: