First to S-W-I-P-E loses!

S-W-I-P-E an interactive game of memory that involves two users playing against each other in an attempt to get the other player to spell out S-W-I-P-E. Users will create a gesture pattern on a 9 point gesture pad as complex as possible and send it to their opponent. Your opponent then will view your pattern in a replay and attempt to recreate your pattern exactly as you did. If they can, its their turn... If they can't, they receive a letter (S, W, I, P, E). The first person to get S-W-I-P-E loses. Oh by the way, you only have 3 seconds to create a pattern :)
If you would like to demo the app, you can challenge me. My username is ICIXV :) Drop your username and I'll shoot you over a challenge. Good luck :)
H-O-R-S-E for the digital age. Why didn't we have this sooner?