A desktop app for writing Medium stories

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Hey hunts! Excited to be here once again with another product for Medium. I built sMedium because I want to get into writing on Medium, but often times getting way too distracted in the browser. It comes with the same writing features that you get in Medium, making items bold, italicized, underlined, ability to write lists (get Medium famous yo)! You can post stories as a draft, public and unlisted. On the home screen you can read through your previously posted articles and get better feel for how you like to write. If you wanna check out the code it's hosted on github (https://github.com/gavindinubilo...), it's written in React.js and electron, I'm open to accepting pull requests if you want to submit any (especially open to pull requests that can help compile for Windows and Linux).
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@gavindinubilo Those of us who prefer standalone apps, we salute you! :)
@gavindinubilo Thanks for the git link. We will try the same for Windows.
@riser_spy Awesome, thank you! I have a feeling I'll have it out by end of day, just had to catch some zzz.
@gavindinubilo cool! that's great :)
@gavindinubilo I'd love to see this combined with Hemingway — to help me improve my writing as I go.
Medium is becoming a more and more important platform with readers looking for solid longform content. I've been involved since the beginning and have really seen it grow. Nice tool to help build on the process am looking forward to trying it out. I haven't had time to write full length articles for a while but I comment heavily about 2000 words a day on the site. This has definite use value for me.
nice app. but "distracted in the browser"? medium is possibly the most minimalist interface I've seen on a site.
@thejeremycarson By distracted in the browser I mean the other websites (Twitter, Facebook etc), not exactly Medium.
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Definitely a "nice to have" app.
It's really interesting to see a lot of desktop apps popping up that are built with Electron and not natively :)