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Specifically, check out their Ryver vs Slack page: http://www.ryver.com/ryver-vs-sl.... Pretty full on!
TL;DR; If you don't plan to purchase the paid version of Slack, go for Ryver all the way. We've been using Ryver the last two months as an alternative to Slack here at http://becode.org to handle all internal communication among students (40, in 2 remote locations) and teachers (4) + staff (2) and it pretty much works very nicely. It's Interface is a tad bit less slick than slack (pun intended :D) but it's really reliable and at the end of the day it fits the purpose. We can reliably store long-term information alongside our daily chit chat in a very convenient way. Ryver's taxonomy is not always clear to me when we should create forums and when we should create teams, since both support "chat" and "posts". I guess "teams" are meant to be temporary whereas forums are long-term "channels". But it doesn't really matter: we enforced a few internal rules to make sure it does not become a mess. Another useful feature is that it supports hashtags (like Slack) so you can cross-reference conversations across teams and forums nicely.
Pronounced like "River". If it's main selling feature is that it's free, why shouldn't companies just use Facebook Messenger?
@chrismessina It's structured like Slack, but has no limitations. So think channels (they call forums), private groups, user to user messaging, files, integrations, etc. One cool and useful piece they have that is critically missing from Slack right now is the ability to thread in on a particular chat message, instead of clogging up the main feed.
@jesse_wallace threading is super tough to support. It's a good idea in theory, but in practice can be challenging to use effectively, especially when you consider mobile and email messaging. Facebook has probably done comment threading the best so far, but it's not universally supported across its platform.
@chrismessina I agree somewhat. I think the Facebook way is ultimately the super easy way to do it, making it not very difficult. You hide threaded replies until requested by the user - easy peasy. Slack could easily do that. They have been saying they plan to support it pretty much their inception; just not in the product yet.
Looks very interesting - definitely going to check it out
I started playing around with it a bit today together with a few acquaintances. My initial reaction is very pleased. I suggest for everyone to just sign up and start playing around - it is free after all.