Rythm Dreem BETA

The first active wearable to enhance quality of your sleep

We’re excited to share Dreem with you. Based out of Paris and San Francisco, Rythm is merging neuroscience and advanced technology to enhance human potential. Our product, Dreem is the first active wearable device that enhances the quality of deep sleep. Dreem monitors brainwaves, analyzes your sleep and stimulates the brain with sound in order to enhance the quality of deep sleep, improving human performance throughout the day. The first wave of Dreem headband ship June 2016. To qualify for a headband, please apply now for the Dreem First program at: www.rythm.co/dreem-first.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rythminc/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rythminc
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@anants Very intriguing but the info on the site is still a little ambiguous. This doesn't seem like binaural beats (thank goodness) and the images don't seem to involve in ear or over ear headphones. Is the audio applied like bone conduction headphones?
@jaymutzafi That is correct Jay. We use bone conduction technology to stimulate sound when you're in deep sleep stage. More info on bone conduction on our website: www.rythm.co/product.html, and a post for that info: http://blog.rythm.co/bone-conduc...
@anants ah, very cool. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Improving sleep is a major interest of mine. Good luck!
Finally a sleep tech that does more than just "tracking" or "monitoring" your sleep: I stopped using my previous sleep tracker after 2 months of using it: past the initial interest in monitoring my sleep, I did not find the approach very effective. Now having an active device that actually influences your sleep cycle sounds like a game-changer: Excited to see some neurotech reaching the consumer market !
Really great product! I can see this helping a wide range of people.. From truck drivers who have to sleep on the go.. To students & employees who want to enhance academic/work performance.. Also athletes who want to enhance & monitor rest for peak efficiency!.. I could also see airlines using this system as a safe-guard to ensure pilots are well rested.. (US AirForce & Boeing).. Another military application is to monitor and record solider sleep statistics for military records.. I hope this was beneficial for you to read. :) Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 Thanks for the suggestions. You're in line with how we're thinking...
Can't see me wanting to wear a headband to bed though...
@bentossell Oh it's more than a headband. It's like a minimal helmet.
Can't wait to get one!