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#5 Product of the DayJune 17, 2017
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Confusing tag line, and your site isn't mobile friendly (at least in the product hunt browser)
@angus_halen Works alright on my phone.
@angus_halen thanks for the feedback someone said we should call it "The Voice for mobile", what do you think? Also, our website is mobile enabled, what type of device do you have?
Thanks for checking out what our team has created. Below is more info on the why and what of RYSE. We are looking forward to your feedback. Millions of talented creatives (musicians, designers, scientists, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs) work on their craft every day in hopes of living their dreams. The struggle? Being discovered is difficult. The walls society has built make it nearly impossible for creatives to connect directly with their idols; showcase their skills and work on projects together. RYSE UP is a bridge between emerging artists and the world’s top talent. Our platform levels the playing field to allow talented people the chance to achieve their dreams regardless of their location, status or fortune. It’s a place where the best call out to discover untapped talent and the driven find a pathway to success.
Amazing. Android in plans?
@migratwit thank you, android is definitely in the plans!
You might want to provide some information on your landing page as to what your project is all about.