Single wheeled motorcycle. Pre-order for $5,295.

It’s adaptable to a wide range of uses including urban transportation, government security, and industrial customers. RYNO is at home in both tight spaces – like the daily micro-commute from a downtown condo to the office – and big spaces like the tarmac at an international airport.

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With a full speed of 10mph, I don't think it qualifies as a "motorcycle". More of a single wheeled segway.
Segway for people who don't feel like standing?
Looks pretty sweet. I've seen a # of other single wheel scooters around, and likely cost less than this. Kinda like that this one has handle bars and a seat vs standing up and balancing
@kristofertm Apparently it's really hard to turn. You've gotta have a really strong core to whip it around
@gonzotorpedo Maybe they'll start shipping it with a free copy of "8 Minute Abs'
I love the concept. But the max speed of 10mph is what is holding me from preordering it. At first impression, I thought I could replace my motorcycle with it.
Just saw one at the Taipei Cycle Show. Now I know who makes them. ;)