An intelligent pill reminder bot.

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Dmitry SuholetMaker@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
Hi everyone! I'm Dima, an engineer and product guy at a small team who works on a handwritten medical text recognition platform. While I can’t tell you more about the platform itself (it’s too early), I’m very excited to tell you about Rxbot, our first product built on top of this platform! Rxbot is an intelligent pill reminder that simplifies the way you enter the prescription information. In most cases you only need to scan your prescription and confirm that Rxbot recognised it correctly.
We hope you get a chance to check out Rxbot. I will be hanging out here for a while, so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. You can also ping us at feedback@rxbot.me PS: We love Product Hunt community, thats why we decided to announce Rxbot beta only here. We'll send an invite to all the hunters who will leave his or her email in a comment while we are in beta. Rxbot as a bot and a separate app will be free for you forever. You can also sign up at http://www.rxbot.me/. Dima
Jesper Hessius@hsus · MD & Dev @ Operationskollen
@suholet woah! Looks great, I'm doing similar things but for a Swedish audience - pill reminders here are very regulated though, a service like this would have to be registered as a medical device of sorts here - have you been through any legal process to get here?
Dmitry SuholetMaker@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
@hsus thanks! It would be great to see your project :) As for your question, we made a deep research of US standard for protecting sensitive patient data (HIPAA) and found that we don't need to be HIPAA compliant because we are not handling protected health information (PHI). As for European countries we haven't had such deep research yet, but according to the fact that ENISA considers HIPAA 'an initial yardstick for measuring RM/RA strategies put in place by European health care service providers' we should be fine too.
Jesper Hessius@hsus · MD & Dev @ Operationskollen
@suholet great, I dunno if we have stricter regulations than the rest of the EU but we do have a department for eHealth and they are increasingly active in controlling medical apps that seem to "overstep their bounds" or are deemed unserious. This is great, but can in some cases stifle innovation. How are you handling privacy in the backend - I mean you do have the patient's name, location, medication/prescription, the info you're actually using might not be phi but it would seem that you're at least tangentially handling it?
Dmitry SuholetMaker@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
@hsus we need only the instruction of how to take medicine, so we don't store patient's name, clinic's location etc. Actually, you can take prescriptions of your relatives (eg your children) and be some kind of proxy. We remind you that you should make sure that your children took vitamins. Adin described the similar case in a comment below.
Jesper Hessius@hsus · MD & Dev @ Operationskollen
@suholet exactly, that's what you store but you potentially handle/come across a lot more. Looking forward to seeing your platform, this looks awesome!
Ravi Srinivasan@ravsydney · Founder - TruContacts.com
Does your app need customisation given the different regulatory environments in each country?
Dmitry SuholetMaker@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
Hi @ravsydney, great question. I can't say for all countries, but in US and EU no customisation is needed as far as I know.
adin@adin · Systems Engineer at Large
I love this idea! I just wish you were releasing today—my wife just got released from the hospital after spinal surgery and trying to keep track of her discharge meds is already a challenge!
Dmitry SuholetMaker@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
@adin sorry for that. We wish your wife a speedy recovery. Hope she feel a little better every day.